Heal the World From Corruption

Corruption is an affliction that is corroding us from within. Websters dictionary defines corruption as, “impairment of integrity, virtue, or moral principle.” We need to heal ourselves from this self destructive practice.The graph of corruption is on a steep rise not only in India but across the globe. Corruption is present in every aspect of life today. Now-a-days corruption can be seen everywhere, as it is a world-wide phenomenon. Such people hide behind the phrase “oh everybody does it”. A corrupt person is immoral and dishonest in his dealings. In today’s world, life of a man is limited to his greed. A “man’s greed” is the main reason behind corruption. As the world is modernizing, the requirements of a man are also increasing. Consequently he adopts unfair means to fulfill his desires. When we talk of corruption in public life, it covers corruption in politics, state governments, central governments, business, industry and so on. If anybody does not pay for the work done, it is sure that work won't be done. At top level too one finds corrupt people.


Having said so much about others, I would like to turn towards us –the student community. Cheating during exams is corruption. Violating copyright rules is corruption. Taking credit for work done by others too is corruption. Just because we have access to websites does not mean we can enter and take whatever we want and not give them credit. It is basic decency to acknowledge the work done by the original author. Violation of this rule is as bad as walking into a house just because it is not locked and picking up whatever you want without so much as a “May I” or a “Thank You." It is as bad as stealing and of course corruption.

The question is ‘how much’ is ‘enough’? Steps should be taken to correct the overall situation. Though it seems very difficult to control corruption but it is not impossible. It is not only the responsibility of the government but ours too. We can eliminate corruption if there will be a joint effort. The change has to come from within. We have to be the change that we want to see. That will be our highest achievement as human beings.


The dream of corruption free world seems an illusion at present. Lack of moral values and social responsibilities among people is the root cause of corruption. We the children are the future leaders of tomorrow. Ours are the hands which will run and govern the world tomorrow. So, we must cultivate high moral values and develop our social responsibilities in order to cleanse our society. If each one of us pledges to eradicate corruption and set a sound moral standard for ourselves, the day of corruption free world is not far.



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