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HEAL THE WORLD- A Distress Call

I remember a time when each day was long
The world was a playground and my life a song
With many years, I didn't care, I didn't really think about future
and what waited there
School was lot of fun and filled with delights
I was playing every day and dreaming every night
I was young and didn't know the world outside home
where tragedy, sorrow and murder could roam
all I was seeing were rainbows, blue skies and stars
I look past destruction, buildings and cars
when I was a child my biggest concern was me
I had to be happy, proud and free
But when I started growing up, darkness started to set in
My bright world has turned into concrete and tin
Now, I see the violence that I didn't see past before
People I know start to die and my heart really hits the floor
Bad and deadly diseases claim people I love,
There are landfills below me and pollution above
I often think back when world was a playground and life a game
But unfortunately , now it won't be the same
There are days when I just want to break down and howl, throw my towel
But I hold my head high and push my way through
I have so much to give and so much to do
I make a vow that I will never quit and work hard
I will go on with a big smile and play every card
I will give all I can and help others and love
I know that the strength I have will not come from above
So people! Come! Hold my hand and through darkness we could sail
If we join together and love each other, we never can fail
We will remember to care, remember to feel
And by believing and accepting the entire human race,
We shall find ways to Heal the World


Photo drawn by: Mehak B. of St Marks School

Poem by: Sejal G. of St Mark's School

Template Designed by Students of PJMS

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Image Provided by: GSBI


Boglári Általános Iskola
Balatonboglár. Hungary

Percy Julian Middle School
Oak Park, Illinois USA

ST Marks School
New Delhi, India