What is a Natural Disaster?

According to wiseGeek.org “A natural disaster is an event with a natural, as opposed to human, cause that results in large-scale loss of life or damage to property. Some examples of natural disasters are volcanoes, earthquakes, or tsunamis.


How Can You Help A Community Recover From a Natural Disaster?

The people at FEMA.org say that there are many things you can do after a disaster in your community. First of all, you can get proper plans and tools just in case of a disaster. You can help discuss the feeling you have with you and your family. This will help you acknowledge your feelings, so you can accept or dispel them. You can be with friends or do something like be at a memorial to help yourself be calm. Sometimes FEMA and state or local governments of the affected area may provide crisis-counseling assistance so people very affected can get help. Some things that tell you if you have disaster-related stress are: Difficulty communicating thoughts, difficulty sleeping, difficulty maintaining balance in their lives, low threshold of frustration, increased use of drugs/alcohol, limited attention span, poor work performance, headaches/stomach problems, tunnel vision/muffled hearing, colds or flu-like symptoms, disorientation or confusion, difficulty concentrating, reluctance to leave home, depression, sadness, feelings of hopelessness, mood-
swings and easy bouts of crying, overwhelming guilt and self-doubt, and fear of crowds, strangers, or being alone.

Lately many natural disasters have occurred, and the U.S. has pitched in to help save the people in other countries in many ways. One way was by donating blood; people all over the U.S. have donated their blood to save another person’s life. Another way the U.S. helps is by donating food, money, clothes, and other valuable materials that were lost in the disaster. A third way the U.S. helps other countries is by volunteering with Red Cross, and other rescue organizations that go around the world rescuing people from dangerous situations. Finally the U.S. helps by participating in or organizing a fundraiser to raise money, food, or another item that is needed in the country that was hit by the disaster. If you don’t have the time or money to help out with Red Cross, or participate in a fundraiser than you can do as little as give your support to others who have family there and are feeling especially down. It may not seem like a lot but it is one way to help during a natural disaster.

The U.S. isn’t the only place that helps out when there is a natural disaster though! Many other places help out in the exact same ways. One additional way people in other countries help out with natural disasters are by sending rescue workers. There are many organizations similar to Red Cross, that come from other countries. People in other countries also help by sending food, money, clothes, and support. Along with organizing fundraisers, just like the U.S., if everyone in the world were to do one thing when a national disaster occurred, then they wouldn’t seem like such a big deal anymore. Of course they will always be just as dangerous and scary as they are today, but it everyone chipped in then the effects would wear off sooner!

PJMS's efforts to heal the effects of Hurricane Sandy

PJMS participated in two different efforts this year to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy. The first was a can good drive, in which the cans where donated to realtor Dan Bogojevich who had planned a relief trip to New York to help the victims. Bogojevich collected food, money, toiletries and other miscellaneous donations. To read more on Bogojevich's journey to New York please click here.

Students at PJMS also participated in an all school Penny Wars. The winning advisory would win a free breakfast, but all money collected went towards victims of Hurricane Sandy. Students could put dollar bills or pennys in their own jar for positive points or silver coins in other advisory jars for negative points. Whowever had the most points at the end won a breakfast. In the end however, the real winner was every single advisory. Our students raised $3,032.72 in a two in a half week period. All proceeds were donated to the American Red Cross for Huricanne Sandy Relief.


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