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Endangered Species Defined

There are many endangered species in the world. Endangered species are often confused with threatened species. To clarify, an endangered species is near extinction as of now, and threatened species are likely to near extinction in the future. According to Red List there are 5,919 Endangered Species and 4574 Near Threatened Species in the world. Although when we think of endangered species, we think of ones like grizzly bears or tigers, but there are many others. One is the giant tortoise, a reptile. Another is an orangutan , a mammal that normally inhabits the forests of North Sumatra and Central Kalmantan. Tigers are endangered too, and they inhabit India, Japan, Thailand, and Indonesia. Other well known ones are giant pandas, blue whales, and sumatran elephants. There are many different things we can do to help save the animals.

What Can We Do?

The first and most important thing is to conserve the animals’ natural habitat. It is critical that we avoid cutting down forests and let the animals live in the natural environment of which they came from. Another important concept is to avoid throwing items in the oceans and lakes. We want to make sure we are keeping out beaches clean and if we can volunteer our time to help make this happened we will make society a better place to live.

Not all animals are endangered, there are actually an abundance of some animals. Cats and Dogs are often sent to shelters as their owners can no longer afford them. Volunteer your time to spend with these animals at a shelter or even better adopt a pet ☺ Little by little we can make a difference.

Mongolian Artifical Nesting Project at PJMS

PJMS 6th grade students have been part of the school link program from the middle east falcon research group. Students have studied the biology and behavior of birds of prey - including falcons, have had visits from a falconer with a peregrine and gyrfalcon, and have been partnered with schools in Wales and Mongolia. The conservation efforts of the project are to repopulate Saker falcons in Mongolia. Please click here for a news story by La Rise Lynch of Oak Park.com

Companimals Club of St. Marks

Members of the “Companimals Club” of St. Mark's Sr. Sec. Public School, Meera Bagh, visited Sanjay Gandhi Animal Shelter Care to donate blankets on 19.2.2013. Students saw different rescued animals like Turkeys, Camels, Parrots etc. There were many sick animals, which were brought for medication and vaccination. Students also took biscuits to feed them. Overall it was a good experience for each one of them.



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