Transportation and the Environment

Transportation has a large impact on the environment. Our over reliance on cars causes a vast amount of air pollution. If you find an alternative method of transportation than there won’t be as much air pollution to worry about! One alternative transportation method is taking the bus. If you take the bus you just eliminates one person’s contribution to pollution with hardly any more effort! Another alternative transportation method is taking the train. By taking the train you eliminate even more pollution. A third alternative transportation method is carpooling. When you carpool you are still riding in a car, but you are taking more people in that car so you don’t have as many cars on the road. Finally you can walk or bike to your destination, it isn’t as fast but you don’t use any fuel, which means there is no pollution. It doesn’t have to be hard to find an alternative transportation method for your self. Just set up a carpool, or think about getting a CTA card.

According to Dough Roller, the best way to get around and save money is to walk instead of drive. They also mention that running, biking, rollerblades, and the Segway are all good ways of transportation. When people use modes of transportation that are environmentally healthy it often is not only good for the world, but good for their own personal health. The less people drive motorized vehicles the less pollution and the more happiness in the world. Walking also saves a ton of money. When someone walks they won’t have to buy gas or pay to fix their car. Plus, Swindow Web says, “ You’ll get more fresh air when you walk”.

Electric Cars

According to San Diego Gas and Electric Company switching over to Electric cars has to important impacts on the environment. For starters, “EVs emit no pollutant from the tailpipe, so they’re cleaner for the environment and better for everyone’s respiratory health.” (SDG&E) This is a large difference from the regular gasoline run vehicle that most people in today’s society drive. Switching to electric cars also “contributes to reduced dumping of engine oils into the environment and reduced U.S. reliance on foreign oil” (SDG&E). Conserving our natural resources is critical and our current oil supply will not last forever. It is great if we can use alternative methods of transportation that will allow us to reduce the amount of oil we waste.

Benefits of Alternative Modes of Transportation
There are many reasons why you should try to find alternative methods for transportation! One reason is that riding in cars makes a lot of air pollution! Cars contribute so much air pollution each day, think about it if there are one or two cars per family and there are fifty families on a block, just think about all the cars on one block, then how many blocks there are in a town, and so on and so forth! That ends up with a lot of cars and even more pollution! So why not fix that problem by using an alternative method of transportation? Another reason you should find alternative methods for transportation is because if there is too much air pollution in the air that we breathe, then there will be too much pollution in our lungs. According to Fitday.com “Prolonged exposure has been proven to lead to a life long battle with lung diseases such as asthma, chronic bronchitis and emphysema.”. So why not try to protect others and ourselves by finding alternative methods for transportation?


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